• Cocoa farmer at work

    Making sustainable cocoa the norm

    Trias tries to make the cocoa industry more sustainable. We want farmers to produce cocoa in an eco-friendly fashion and have them earn a fair income for it.

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  • RS27878_190325Guinee_trias205-lpr

    Women's Agri-Entrepreneurship

    In Guinea, Trias and Enabel are empowering female entrepreneurs in different fruit value chains by setting up personalized growth trajectories.

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  • Potato farmers from the Andes

    Coalición Chuño

    Trias wants to create more opportunities for potato farmers in the Andes so they can have a higher income and more food security.

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  • Plants growing

    Make it grow

    This 4-year initiative aimes to create competitive and inclusive horticulture on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

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