Trias is an international development organisation with strong roots in Belgium. Worldwide, we support the realisation of dreams of millions of family farmers and other entrepreneurs through their member organisations. We could not do this without the people within Trias.

Trias has colleagues spread across several regional offices. There are also some official governing bodies: the General Management, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. Finally, there are the Brussels Office staff who provide support to the country and regional offices.

Regional Offices

Trias has colleagues spread worldwide in 7 regions.

One of the managing instances in Trias is the General Management. This governance instance is composed by the General Director, the Executive Meeting and the Management Team.

Our board members are unpaid volunteers. In addition to independent experts, the board also includes representatives of smallholders and independent business owners in Belgium.

The General Assembly is Trias’ highest governing body. Its powers include appointing and dismissing directors as well as approving the financial statements and the budget.

Pineapple farmer in Uganda walking around his property

Brussels Office

The Brussels Office team consists of about 25 people. They provide various kinds of support to the country and regional offices