Trias can count on the support of hundreds of different donors; each and every one makes an important contribution to our work. They include governments, funds, foundations, businesses, institutions, organisations and individuals. Thank you very much for the support!

Financial overview

86% of our income flows directly to our projects. The remaining 14% of our income is equally important in achieving our goals.
These funds are invested in:

  • support for our regional offices regarding accounting and staff management
  • quality management to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our projects
  • fundraising to support as many farmers and entrepreneurs as possible

Financial publications & audits

Every year we publish our financials on the website of NGO Openboek, a specialized website that offers full transparency about income and expenditure of NGOs in Belgium.
You can also find information about how Trias operates -as well as financial information- in our annual reports and on the website of the independent organisations Donorinfo (Dutch and French only), (French, Dutch and German only) and the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (Dutch and French only).

Our organisation’s accounts are audited and certified by the accounting firm BDO each year and labelled without reserves. You can find the audit reports of the past years below.

Trias’ income from 2012 until 2022

Belgian Association for Ethical Fundraising

Trias is a member of the Belgian association Ethical Fundraising (EF). This means that we endorse the ethical code of this organisation, that monitors the management capacities and transparency of non-governmental organisations.

Logo EF leden