Our work focuses on the one hand on the self-confidence, motivation, self-awareness and specific competences of the leaders of our partner organisations. On the other hand, we actively look at the existing power relations and stimulate a dialogue that promotes the inclusion and active participation of all members in their organisations and the wider community.


Strengthening Partners in Development through Empowerment and Reflection

SPIDER is a bottom-up and co-creative process involving both MBO leaders and members, to reflect on current capacities and performance of their organisation. The SPIDER toolbox includes the development of an organisational development plan, focussing on six core capacities, of which advances are regularly measured through auto-evaluations and member satisfaction surveys.


Leadership Trajectory

This comprehensive methodology aims to achieve behavioural change among the current and future leaders of farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ organisations. The trajectory consists of an introductory training course to which several additional modules can be joined. These are selected on an individual basis, as they are aimed to tackle those competencies that are most important to each participant. In the follow-up, individual coaching sessions help them further convert theory into practice.


Enabling Rural Innovation

ERI is a training toolbox to enable small-holder farmers to transition from subsistence farming to more commercially viable farming. The toolbox emphasizes collective action and a strengthening of the capacity for farmers to make informed decisions about what, when and how to grow, breed and sell.


Roadmap for gender mainstreaming in member-based organisations

This method is used to shape and monitor a change process within the member-based organisation. The toolbox focusses on 3 key areas. Namely, empowering women and their position, anchoring inclusion in organisational frameworks, and improving the relationships between women and men.