We operate in 17 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. We specialise in the empowerment of member-based organisations of family farmer and small-scale entrepreneurs, so that they can act as powerful catalysts for social and economic change towards an equitable economy and a just society.

Currently, Trias employs around 150 professionals and supports more than 90 member-based organisations, reaching out to almost 7.5 million people worldwide. The annual turnover of Trias in 2021 was € 13.8 million.


Member-based organisations (MBOs) are in our DNA. Due to our long experience, background and way of working, we understand farmer and entrepreneurial MBOs like no other. We work with them, foster mutual respect and strive for equal partnerships.

We are a down-to-earth organisation focusing on impact at grassroots level rather than high-level visibility. We put our partners and their members in the spotlight.

We use highly participatory approaches in which we enable and support our partners, to speak for themselves, to self-reflect and to choose their own priorities and path forward. Our processes are bottom-up and member-focused.

We work with a diverse partner-mix. We partner up with promising, emerging MBOs as well as with more commercially established ones, in both rural and urban settings.

We are in it for the long haul. We believe in long-standing partnerships to create sustainable social and environmental change towards an inclusive economy, instead of short-lived results.

We fully adhere to the principle to ‘leave no one behind’. We boost inclusion and sustainability by focusing on the development of the leadership, business and negotiation skills of women, youth and other economically underprivileged people.

And last -but not least- we focus on efficiency. We have our boots on the ground and manage to do great things with limited resources due to the proximity to our partners, the hiring of national staff and a modest spending policy.

Trias has more than 50 years of experience supporting farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ associations.

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