Lady farmers of farmergroup of Olivia Mugisa working on groundnutfield

Turning dreams into opportunities

Trias strengthens farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ organisations in 17 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. With business advice, trainings or financial support.

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Our Focus

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    Business development and market access

    Trias supports organisations of farmers and entrepreneurs to strengthen the production, income and livelihoods of their members. We support our partners to become financially self-sufficient and actively encourage a sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, we look at how we can create conditions that support equal growth opportunities and access to potential markets.

  • Pictogram for inclusion

    Inclusion and global citizenship

    We want that women, youth and other minority groups are fairly represented in the management structures of our partners and help determine policy. Our work focuses on the self-confidence and motivation of these groups and their leaders. Next to that, we actively look at the existing balance of power and stimulate a dialogue that promotes their inclusion and active participation in their organizations and the wider community.

  • Pictogram climate

    Climate change and environment

    For the most vulnerable groups the impact of climate change is extremely devastating. Therefore, Trias is committed to strengthen our partners so they’re better equipped to deal with the consequences of climate change. In addition, we stimulate and invest in sustainable and ecological entrepreneurship.

Our impact

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    Through strategic partnerships, Trias maximises effectiveness.

  • trias-2022-impact-farmer-entrepreneurs

    People are the heart of Trias’ approach.

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    We support the realisation of dreams of millions of farmers and entrepreneurs through their member-based organisations.