On 15 May, an award show will happen in Brussels where a female entrepreneur will receive the WOMED Award South. All selected candidates are from The Philippines this year, where Trias has been active for over 30 years. This initiative is undertaken in partnership with Vrouwennet vzw, a Flemish organization dedicated to supporting women in their entrepreneurial endeavours. 

By co-organizing this award, Trias seeks to recognize outstanding entrepreneurial initiatives of women, highlighting their triumphs in overcoming barriers to success. That way, recognizing their achievements and acknowledging the crucial role they play in driving economic growth and social change in their home country. 

Entrepreneurship serves as a vital vehicle for enhancing life quality in The Philippines, where the population faces challenges related to income inequality and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) form the backbone of the country’s economy. For instance, a 2020 Oxfam report highlights that, by 2018, the income per person among the top 10% of earners was more than seven times higher than that of the bottom 10% of the country. 

Since 2005, the WOMED Award South aims to address these and other challenges by celebrating the achievements of women who are not only business owners but also catalysts for change in their communities. 

Selecting the award winner is a thorough process. It involves multiple considerations, some of them being the impact the business has on its community and how eco-friendly, creative and innovative the business decisions are. 

Additionally, on-site visits are also an important step. Vrouwennet vzw and Trias combine strengths to get to know and improve the connection between each other’s partners and to decide on three finalists. The selection jury will visit the finalists in The Philippines in March 2024, and on May 15th the winner will be announced in Belgium. Keep an eye on our social media channels to know more about the finalists and discover who’ll eventually win the WOMED Award South 2024!

Curious to learn what Trias does in The Philippines? Dive into our Trias Southeast Asia annual report.  


Doreen Jean Nsasiirwe (Uganda)

Winner WOMED Award South 2021 

This impressive entrepreneur creates jobs for a lot of Ugandans in the honey sector with her company Westlink Delicacy. 


Blanca del Carmen Perdomo (El Salvador)

Winner WOMED Award South 2018 

Blanca is the chairwoman of a thriving fruit and vegetable cooperative and a member of our partner organisation CONFRAS.


Gloria Isabel Ambrocio (El Salvador)

Winner WOMED Award South 2017

Gloria makes natural shampoos and personal care products and is a member of our partner organisation ADEL Morazán. 


Nènè Hadh Cherif (Guinea)

Winner WOMED Award South 2016 

Nènè chairs a micro-credit bank and a peanut producers’ federation. She is a member of our partner organisation COPRAKAM. 


Carmen Chito (Ecuador)

Winner WOMED Award South 2015 

Carmen works on guinea pig farming and compost production. She is a member of our partner organisation Señor Cuy. 


Koumba Keita (Guinea)

Winner WOMED Award South 2013 

Koumba processes peanuts, fruits and vegetables and is a member of our partner organisation COPRAKAM. 


Adora Fajiculay (Philippines)

Winner WOMED Award South 2011

Adora is a sewing workshop operator and a member of our partner organisation ASHI. 


Cecelia Habulan (Philippines)

Winner WOMED Award South 2009

Cecelia is a photographer and also runs a photo shop. She is a member of our partner organisation ASHI. 


Mary Hando (Tanzania)

Winner WOMED Award South 2007 

Mary is involved in chicken and cow trading for hotels and supermarkets and is a member of our partner organisation WEGCC. 


Ruth Abiud Lema (Tanzania)

Winner WOMED Award South 2005 

Ruth does trade in tools and building materials. She is a member of our partner organisation WEGCC (Women’s Economic Groups Coordinating Council).