Trias celebrates World Youth Skills Day

With Trias we mark World Youth Skills Day on 15 July. If young people are the future, we need to support them today.

In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. On this day, we want to emphasise the urgent need to enable young people to acquire the skills they need to access decent work. In the words of Irina Bokoba, Director-General of UNESCO:

‘We are witnessing a younger generation frustrated by the chronic mismatch between skills and work. The best response to the economic downturn and youth unemployment is to ensure that young people acquire the basic skills and relevant training they need to enter the world of work with confidence. Many, and young women in particular, need to be offered alternative pathways to education, so they can acquire the skills needed to earn a living, live in dignity and contribute to their communities and societies.’ (Source)

On this World Youth Skills Day we draw attention to the need to invest in younger generations and by sharing stories and successes from one of our partners in Guinea. A key aspect of Trias’ work is to support organisations of young entrepreneurs. In the West African country Guinea Trias collaborates with the platform Jeunes Solidaires. This organisation was created in 2015 by young leaders, youth organisations and entrepreneurs who wanted to participate in Guinea’s development. By joining the organisation, members can exchange experiences and network. The organisation aims to improve young people’s employability, empowerment, and leadership, particularly of women.

One of its members is Abdoulaye Barry, a young entrepreneur and member of the Mamou branch of Jeunes Solidaires. He joined Jeunes Solidaires in 2018 and gained access to the platform’s various services. Thanks to the technical and financial support of Trias as Jeunes Solidaires’ partner, Abdoulaye participated in training on business management, marketing, and received personalised coaching and advice. He was also able to promote his products through the communication channels of Jeunes Solidaires, established a connection with a local microfinance institution, and networks with various other entrepreneurs and institutions.

‘These services have allowed me to be a reference entrepreneur in my community, particularly in the agricultural field, and to acquire knowledge on the writing of a good business plan, the use of business management tools and the promotion or sales techniques of my products. With the support of Jeunes Solidaires, the success of young people in entrepreneurship is becoming reality instead of just being hollow words’, Abdoulaye Barry with much enthusiasm.