Trias and Colruyt team up to bring Brazilian honey to the Belgian market

From mid-February onwards, Belgian retailer Colruyt will be stocking shelves with organic honey sourced from a Brazilian partner of Trias. And we’re so excited!

100% organic and traceable

Colruyt’s house brand of honey will be 100% organic and traceable for the next three years, thanks to our partnership with the small-scale farmers of the Coopemapi cooperative. We know exactly where and by whom the honey is produced, and we’re proud to support a beekeeping cooperative that places a strong emphasis on the inclusion of women and young people.

Protecting the Endangered Cerrado

The honey is produced by 360 beekeepers in the Cerrado, the largest and most diverse savannah on our planet. Unfortunately, this beautiful part of Brazil is disappearing due to increased agriculture and cattle ranching in the region, as well as forest fires caused by climate change. However, beekeeping can have a positive effect on the ecosystem and can protect the Cerrado.

Empowering Young Climate Leaders

With this project, we aim to inspire more young people in Brazil to become beekeepers. Through our partnership with Collibri Foundation and local partners, Trias is offering training programs in beekeeping and sustainable, cooperative entrepreneurship. These trainings will empower young Brazilians to become climate leaders who fight for the future of the Cerrado, one of the most important ecosystems in the world.

Sustainability and Fair Wages

In addition to being sustainably transported to Europe by boat, these beekeepers receive a fair price for their honey that is higher than the Fairtrade minimum price. And while you may wonder why we import Brazilian honey to Belgium, the demand for honey in Europe far exceeds the local supply, while in Brazil, the supply far exceeds demand. So go ahead and indulge in a cup of tea with this delicious honey, knowing that it’s been sourced responsibly and sustainably.